We are a full service casting agency that provides a variety of services to many well-known brands; casting for fashion or lifestyle, advertising or editorial, still or motion, print or tv commercial. Tape Creative Casting aims to create an environment that goes above and beyond simply delivering great results, but also makes client experience as seamless and carefree as possible no matter the budget or timeframe.

We have a huge global network of model agencies and talent managers as well as a diverse portfolio of well-known clients. Utilizing the highest level of expertise and experience, we create and manage casting budgets, negotiate dayfees and also define usage terms, buyouts and packages.
Casting selections are thorough, well-organized and presented in a seamless, client-friendly manner. Whether your budget is big or small, we go above and beyond. Our specialized eye and long-term relationships with international agencies make sure we will find the best character for your product.

We don't do anything half way. We deliver exceptional results because we focus on the dna of each client and guide the process from start to finish.


Prior to launching Tape Creative Casting, Nora Zimmermann was an agent for years in one of the biggest model agency in Hamburg.

With a background in marketing and advertising psychology, she is able to identify with each client's creative vision, purpose & aspirations. The benefit of knowing both sides of the business provides her with a deep understanding of the creative process as well as a strong sense of collaboration which brings the right things into focus.